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Daikin Fit Air Conditioning Ormond Beach

Daikin Fit AC Ormond Beach, FL

A revolutionary side discharge system that won’t compromise on comfort.
The Daikin Fit system offers solutions when a traditional cube style cannot.

Daikin Fit AC Unit on porch in Ormond Beach FL

Daikin Fit - Driven by AIR INTELLIGENCE

Air is essential to our existence and Daikin’s role and responsibility in enriching it continues to expand. Daikin is devoted, with unbridled passion, to overcoming the ever-evolving challenges of the air around us.

Leveraging our leading, cutting-edge technologies, with a holistic focus on performance, reliability, design, aesthetics, air environment, ease of use and efficiency, we create outstanding products and system solutions to realize a comfortable and sustainable living environment for all people and all regions of the world. This is AIR INTELLIGENCE and this is what Daikin is about.

Daikin Air Conditioning is designed to FIT in Ormond Beach FL
Daikin AC Installation creates Comfort Space and Save the Budget

Daikin Fit Comfort

Today, the air is perfect. Perfect temperature. Perfect humidity. Perfectly clean and fresh, like just after a rainstorm. And the only thing more perfect than this outdoor scenario is that it’s all happening inside. Because that’s where we work. That’s where we play, where we sleep, where we truly live. And that’s why at Daikin, we aim to make the air inside as refreshing as the outside. Better comfort. Better control and efficiency. Better quality. So you can create your own unique ecosystem. And everyday is perfect.

Inside and out.

Daikin uses Space wisely
Daikin AC Installation in Ormond Beach

Daikin Fit Saves Space

Going beyond the limitations of the traditional HVAC box Your home is unique, just like your comfort needs. Although traditional “cube style” systems have been providing comfort for years, they can be cumbersome for certain spaces. The compact size of the Daikin Fit system now offers you a solution so you no longer have to compromise.

  • Perfect for homes with limited installation space 
  • Can be ground or wall-mounted to free up additional (valuable) space where it matters most 
  • Slick and slim profile – ideal for zero lot line homes and/or locations, patio, terrace, roof, and multi-story locations that would typically require a crane to install



Daikin Fit Side Discharge vs Traditional Top Discharge system
Daikin examples, Zero lot line, patio, backyard, rood, terrace or balcony

Daikin Fit - More Time To Spend On Things That Matter

If you’re like most families, you want to be comfortable and save money at the same time. When you purchase a Daikin Fit system, you’re investing in state-of-the-art HVAC technology developed to help you meet budget and efficiency goals.

» Up to 18 SEER

» Up to 10.0 HSPF (for Heat Pump)

» Inverter (variable-speed) technology

» Premium indoor unit options

» Outstanding warranty* and support

Compressors are the heart of your heating and cooling systems. As the single most energy consuming part of a system, it is important to understand that not all compressors are created equal. Traditional systems use single speed or dual-speed compressors, while the Daikin Fit system is equipped with revolutionary Daikin inverter (variable-speed) technology.

Like a car operating on cruise control, an inverter carefully controls the heating and cooling power generated by the unit. This minimizes temperature fluctuations, reaches the temperature set point faster after an extended period of interrupted use, and provides continuous cooling and heating comfort. Inverter HVAC Systems can save up to 30% energy compared to non-inverter HVAC systems.

Daikin Backed by a 12-year parts limited warranty
Daikin Comfort Pro logo

Air One Is The Ormond Beach Area's
Daikin Comfort Pro

Daikin Comfort Pro. Those 3 simple words can offer you comfort like you’ve never experienced. The words mean that the contractor you invited into your home is a highly-qualified and continuously trained professional who will quickly, efficiently, and effectively help to solve any of your indoor comfort needs.

All Daikin Comfort Pro contractors seek to achieve the highest levels of customer service, business integrity, and technical competency. These range from maintaining an excellent rating with their local Better Business Bureau (BBB) to taking continuing education classes on how best to install and service Daikin brand products. To retain this status, Daikin Comfort Pro contractors must deliver their best abilities to each and every customer, year after year.

If, for any reason, the Daikin Comfort Pro has not met your expectations within one year of your equipment or system installation, please contact the installing Daikin Comfort Pro and ask them to honor the Daikin Comfort Promise. The Daikin Comfort Pro will return to your house to resolve any issues that you have with your installation at no cost to you.

Daikin has held a strong commitment to quality, service and innovation since our inception. It is this commitment that has allowed us to become one of the largest manufacturers of HVAC systems and refrigerants in the world.